• The last time I looked at the stars, I felt the colors radiating inside me.

This performance follows an invitation to artist Nadim Choufi from the 2020 Assembly for the Youth Takeover public programme. Kindly RSVP for details and instructions on joining online.

Golden hour refers to both the most sublime time to capture the sky and the period of time following a serious injury that is crucial to save the patient’s life. This lecture performance connects celestial and organic bodies through two technologies used to capture light in both bodies, the Reference Man and the Hubble Telescope. It traces the biases beneath each technology that connect stars and organisms as topologies of conquest in the name of scientific discovery. The lecture performance will move through many topics including 3D modeling, stars, humans, superfoods, environmental law and American landscape paintings to highlight both the levels of violence and the products of care and protection that result from designing and deriving technologies from a colonial perspective.

Nadim Choufi lives in Beirut and primarily works with video, 3D animation, and sculpture. An alumnus of Ashkal Alwan Home Workspace fellowship, he exhibited his work regionally and internationally in Beirut Art Center, Abu Dhabi’s Warehouse421, Sharjah Art Foundation, The New School in New York, and Macao in Milan.



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