Workshop – Geocaching in Jameel

Creating familiarity through displaced objects, this is a geocaching workshop with a theme and focus on industrial artifacts. Following a beginner-level treasure hunt format, the end result involves composing a final image sculpture and creating familiarity through displaced objects. The workshop will include selecting  safe and interesting locations, creating clues, providing necessary materials or information and reflecting on the experience to improve future geocaching experiences. The goal is to provide participants with a fun and engaging experience while encouraging them to explore the outdoors and think critically about their surroundings. The final result of the caches would be an ephemeral mural which ties back with the cohort’s theme of ‘composite’.

The workshop is organised by the Assembly 2022-2023 member Bilal Bashir as part of the 2023 Youth Takeover.

Limited capacity, free to attend.

Bilal Bashir is a Nigerian-born Visual artist residing in Sharjah, UAE. His interests in visual arts have driven him to pursue numerous projects such as short films, paintings, campaigns with brands, and photo documentaries. He had the honor of shooting the Adidas x Ravi Campaign in Satwa, Dubai. This helped him highlight the city in a way that has never been done before, bringing out the historical and cultural significance of an establishment like Ravi’s, while solidifying the mass appeal of a brand like Adidas.  He is currently studying UX & Product Design design at university, and hopes to pioneer the next generation of creative thinkers coming out of the MENA region.




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