Workshop – Grids of Yesterday and The Shape of Things to Come, with Assi Abogado

This event has reached maximum capacity.

This workshop facilitated by Assi Abogado focusses on exploring feelings of self, introspection and analysing the cultural and social impacts of using ‘Finsta’ (“Private Instagram”) as a tool. Guests will be invited to print images from their own digital archives and cut them into shapes that resonate with them, changing the narratives of the photos by cutting them.

The workshop will begin with a discussion on what Finsta means to each guest, how they use it and how they feel looking back at the photos they have posted. The group will also explore the differences between using a private Instagram versus a public/main Instagram and under what context of photos falls into posting on their Finsta.

The workshop is organised by the Assembly 2022-2023 member Nathaniel Enriquez as part of the 2023 Youth Takeover.

Materials will be provided to all attendees. Limited capacity, free to attend.

Assi Abogado is a non-binary, interdisciplinary artist. They work in illustration, new media art, graphic design, creative direction, video, performance, and installation.
Their art and design practice explores queer identity, mythical dreamscapes, and the material and corporeal qualities of post-internet art and digital culture. With a background in Fine Art and Multimedia Arts, they create visual content work through process thinking to engage with the contemporary world. They have worked on projects independently with clients and developed visual identities, graphic art, editorial designs for print, screen, or the environment.

Nathaniel Enriquez is a Dubai-based Filipino multidisciplinary artist who spent his formative years in the UAE. His practice encompasses various forms of visual mediums, from photography, painting, writing and sculpting. Enriquez’s creative approach is fueled by curiosity, exploring the abstracts of the human form by breaking it down into its base parts and silhouettes. Welcoming engagement and is a medium to develop and circulate dialogue. His work has been shown in Gravity Art Space, Manila – a duo exhibition titled “today’s homework” (2022) with Don Quintos; An ‘inauguration to seventh heaven’ group show (2021); and Prevue (2019) among many others.  He graduated with a BA in Multimedia Arts with Latin honors in 2022, and is a member of The Assembly at Jameel Arts Centre, while working as a photographer, graphic designer and content producer.



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