Children and Family tour (Mind Door: Imagination by Rashid Almheiri)

Mind Door is a tour for grown kids & the ones that are yet to bloom. Facilitated by 2021-2022 Assembly member Rashid Almheiri as part of the 2022 Youth Takeover.

Visitors are invited to playfully explore Youth Takeover’ exhibition smol through conversations in which responses guide the path for the tour. Prompts are given to explore feelings and expand imagination. Children and their parents participation is encouraged. This immersive tour aims to engage with the artworks exhibited as a channel for visitors to express their emotions and thoughts (should they wish so). After the walkthrough, participants are invited to sit down, reflect, talk and draw freely if they choose to.

Mind Door is an invitation to a free creative teleportation.

The 60-minute tour and workshop is limited to 15 people at a time and is conducted in English. Please arrive at the Centre 15 minutes prior and check-in at the welcome desk.

Refreshments are served for families and children.

Rashid Almheiri is a fluid Emirati visual artist illuminated with a B.A degree in Graphic Design from the American University in Dubai. Rashid has invisible dialogues with objects, moments and emotions, and likes to cultivate his interests in biology, psychology and sociology into forms of expression, and is continuously gravitating towards creating poetic experiences.



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