Youth-led crafts market: “support the smols”

support the smols is a gathering space and an inner-child curated community store featuring creative products made by UAE-based youth. It intends to offer visitors an impromptu, relaxed space to socialize and casually discuss themes centred around the inner child, while also serving as a platform to support the smol creatives we all should get to know and love.

The event features:

Please note that purchases are offered through cash-only.

This event is conceived and organised by the Assembly 2021-2022 member, Farah Fawzi Ali as part of the 2022 Youth Takeover.

Farah Fawzi Ali is an Egyptian-Filipina writer and researcher with a BA in Political Science from the American University in Cairo. Her written works can be found in Postscript Magazine, MariasAtSampaguitas, Art Dubai, and Global Art Daily. She is currently part of The Assembly at Jameel Arts Centre and the Arts Writing Agency. Driven by her mixed cultural heritage and Gulf upbringing, Farah is committed to widening spaces of representation and offering platforms for community-spirited interactions and personal histories. Traversing between her analytical mind and compassionate soul, Farah’s passion for cultivating discourse and collective meaning-making is deeply reflected and interwoven in her writing, research, and programming endeavours.




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