• Digital Earth Talks: Film Programme

A selection of films exploring the myriad textures of the digital reality we live in, programmed in conjunction with Digital Earth Talks (November 7-8,2019).


Louis Henderson’s All that is solid and Francois Knoetze’s Core Dump explore the material trace of our digital present- from the energy required to run data centers and server farms, to the environmental and human costs of rare earth mineral extraction and the e-waste trade. Filmed entirely through the reflection of black mirrors, Erin Espelie’s The Lanthanide Series is a poetic meditation on our elemental relationship to technology, and the visions of the world it produces. Geocinema’s Framing Territories explores the vast network of sensing structures in China and beyond that monitor the earth’s atmosphere as well as the flow of people, data and information. Sarah Meyohas’ Cloud of Petals looks at how human traits, such as the concept of beauty, can be taught to AI and the future of human labor in an automated world, while Tabita Rezaire’s Mamelles Ancestrales looks to the past and to ancient cosmological beliefs as a way to understand our present. Tekla Aslanishvili’s  documentary Algorithmic Island (2019) looks at the gap between large scale infrastructural development plans and the reality they produce on the ground in Anaklia, a small town in the Georgian Republic.


All films will be continuously screened except the following films presented in special screenings:

November 7, 2019


Louis Henderson: All that is solid (2014)

HD 15’40”

[Repeat screenings from November 10-17, 2019]

 Sarah Meyohas: Clouds of Petals (2017)

16mm film transferred to HD 30’ 12’’

[Repeat screenings from November 26- December 2, 2019]


November 8, 2019


Erin Espelie: The Lanthanide Series (2014)

16mm film transferred to HD, 70’

[Repeat screenings from November 26-December 2, 2019]


Tekla Aslanishvili: Algorithmic Island (2019)
HD 60’14’’