Small Talks at Down to Earth 2022 | More with less: Sustainable interactions with water

Down to Earth, the UAE’s annual festival celebrating all things green, returns for its third edition on Sunday, November 27, 2022 from 10am to 8pm. This year’s Small Talks Programme is titled More with less: Sustainable interactions with water

Presented by SOMA MATER the Small Talks programme hosts three brief interventions followed by a panel of experts looking at sustainable interactions with water. Saeed Alhassan from Manhat unpacks how we draw water from air to nurture our food. Deema Khoury from Dibba Bay Oysters dives deep into embracing the untapped resources of the sea. Rukhsana Kausar encourages cities to drop their plastic bottle habits as part of her work in Liquid of Life. Together, they sit with Greg Ohannessian, partner at SOMA MATER, for a group discussion on how we may holistically value water in our time.

Art Jameel invites everyone — from nature and crafts enthusiasts and the eco-conscious to those new to sustainability and looking for a free, fun day out — to come join us at Jameel Arts Centre and experience a range of entertaining and informative activities for all ages.

Browse the full programme of the day here.

Down to Earth’s 2022 Sustainability Partner: BEEAH Tandeef



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