Youth Takeover 2022: ‘Smol’ Panel Discussion

Join the Assembly 2021-2022 members in conversation with independent curator and Assembly alumnus Daniel H. Rey. Rey designed, curated and facilitated this year’s Assembly learning programme culminating in the 2022 Youth Takeover at Jameel Arts Centre.

The Assembly is an annual platform bringing together creative leaders aged 18 to 24 who share their perspectives on creating, curating and commissioning in the UAE. The discussion deep-dives into this year’s theme of the inner child and traces the process of arrival to this topic, its urgencies and the voices considered for its materialization at the Jameel.

The Assembly 2021-2022 members are: artist Alexis Javero, artist and curator Anita Shishani, researcher/writer Farah Fawzi Ali, multidisciplinary artist and researcher Lubnah Ansari, multimedia designer Raheed Allaf, visual artist Rashid Almheiri, photographer, writer and pedagogue Shama Nair and artist, student and music producer Sree.

Daniel H. Rey is an independent curator advocating for #YouthCuratingYouth and cross-pollination in the Global South. His work balances institutional and grassroots presence via Art Jameel, Dirwaza Curatorial Lab, and Global Art Daily. An emerging writer, arts educator, and public programmer, his work has been presented and reviewed in the Americas, the Arab Gulf, and Scandinavia. 

Daniel holds a degree in social sciences and theater from NYU Abu Dhabi and is an Alumnus of Jameel Art Centre’s Assembly programme (2020), as well as current Curator and Tutor of the third edition (2021-22). He has recently launched Almacén المخزن Armazém, a multimedia research project storing and exhibiting creative practices tied to both Latin America and the Arab world. 

Daniel feels at home in Paraguay, Norway, the UAE, and hopefully in Mars.  



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