Art Jameel

Art Jameel

Art Jameel is an organisation that supports artists and creative communities. Our arts programmes foster the role of the arts in building open, connected communities; at a time of flux and dramatic societal shifts, we see this role as more crucial than ever.

Current initiatives

Art Jameel’s current initiatives include restoration programmes and running heritage arts institutions in Cairo and Jeddah, plus a broad range of arts and educational initiatives for all ages.

Hayy: Creative Hub in Jeddah

In addition to Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai, Art Jameel is developing Hayy: Creative Hub in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Hub’s name is derived from the Arabic word for neighbourhood – referring to the community-oriented nature of the complex, which will be home to art and design galleries, performance spaces, an entrepreneurship incubator, digital studio and an Art Jameel-run contemporary arts centre, theatre and cinema. Hayy: Creative Hub will bring together the full diversity of Jeddah’s creative scene in one destination, for the first time.

Collaborations with art institutions

Art Jameel’s model is collaborative: major institutional partners include Delfina Foundation, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts and the Victoria and Albert Museum; regionally, the foundation works with individuals and organisations to develop innovative programming that embraces both ancient and new technologies, and encourages entrepreneurship and the development of cultural networks.

Art Jameel is positioned alongside Community Jameel, and complements its sister organisation’s work in promoting positive social change, job creation and poverty alleviation across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.